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Re-Imagining Innovation Through Design Thinking


The pressure to innovate and grow for companies is becoming relentless but the battle to tackle it is most often uninspired. A certain level of predictability and efficiency may be good for today’s bottom-line but is bad for tomorrow’s but thankfully there is a shift under-way in large corporations. This shift puts design at the center of the enterprise. More than aesthetics, this design-centric approach is for innovation, brand-building, service design, and the creation of meaningful customer experiences.

Big organisations across the globe are using ‘Design Thinking’ principles to innovate & build user-centric applications/services to ‘wow’ customers & stay competitive in the market.  Here are few examples of changing organizational mindset.

In comes, Design Thinking approach, built on a foundation that addresses user empathy, prototyping discipline, quick failures and iteration. We Conducted a Design Thinking Workshop to address the digital innovation mandate most people/organizations face today. The workshop provided an overview of the growing importance of “Design Thinking”, and presented the “UX Imperative” for creative problem solving.