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Roadmap – Do you Need to Make a ‘U’ turn?


As Product Managers, we all may have come across fellow comrades showing complicated probabilistic or deterministic prioritization algorithms based on weighted factors like velocity, revenue impact, resources, complexity of features, customer acceptance etc. They might have also thrown in a macro-laced spreadsheet for good measure. And all because of coming up with the Holy Grail of “Product Roadmap”. Just to be clear, this is coming from us, not as victims but as accused as well.

So what exactly is a Product Roadmap? It all starts with a Product Strategy. If we don’t have a Product Strategy, then the Product Roadmap ends up being just a grocery list of inane features. An ideal Product Roadmap is like a story that has a beginning, middle and an end but with the end goal of realizing the vision we all have spelled out in the Product Strategy.

How is Product Roadmap done in most of the time as opposed to how it should be done?

We would like to conclude by admitting that building a solid Product Roadmap is indeed a challenging and intimidating task – one that would require right and left brain to work in tandem.  Products sell when the customer sees the value that gets translated into a product to solve a problem.  And at the center of this is the Product Roadmap that starts with a clear business vision along with a believable canvas explaining the customer and market forces.