The New Age demands more beautiful and useful products.

“For over 25 years (combined), we have been helping software product companies create usable and beautiful products that customers love.”– Mahuya Ghosh & Pijush Gupta

We wrote this book to show you our blueprint of building products that customers love. Through grueling experimentations and trial & errors, we’ve developed a step by step innovation framework to take the guess work out of the equations and create products that
customers wants to buy and use.

What You Will Learn With This E-Book?

Get set and ready

☛ Ever thought of building your dream products?
☛ Ever thought of the lost opportunities to Innovate and disrupt the market?
☛ Ever wondered if there was an Innovation Blueprint that you could borrow & launch your dream

If you answer ’Yes’ to any of the above, then this innovation playbook is just for you. This book is a practical guide for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Product Managers,
Dreamers & the Heroes
 to integrate Design Thinking into their psyche to ideate, productize and launch beautiful products that customers fall in love with.

‘Mystery to Mastery’ urges you to start with a ’blank slate’ and then use certain set of proven guidelines and blueprints to reach from zero to orbit.

‘Mystery to Mastery’ does not give you any formula for launching an idea to orbit, it gives ’THE FORMULA’ for innovation management.

Built through experience and validated learning over 25 years, proven to be agile and flexible, ‘Mystery to Mastery’ is a playbook you need to play by!

… and a lot more!

Whom is it for?

Curiosity is the 1st step

Business Leaders
Product Managers
…and the Dreamers & the Heroes

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Introducing Mystery to Mastery – Ideation to Productization Playbook

Mystery to Mastery – Ideation to Productization Playbook bundled with The Innovation Toolkit, is the one-stop, mega resource that has all of the tools you need to
successfully build and launch your dream products!

The Mystery to Mastery – Ideation to Productization Playbook isn’t just another internet resource full of fluff and nonsense. It’s the only resource you need to successfully
ideate, validate, productize and launch your dream product in the market.

Whether you’re a first time entrepreneur, a Product Manager or anyone with the
next big idea, the Innovation Toolkit has your back!

With this framework, ANYONE can launch a killer product that customers fall in
love with.

The best part? You won’t have to wait for thick, heavy books to come in the mail as
you lose another potential big idea to your competitors. With just a couple clicks, The
Innovation Toolkit can be yours!

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