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Mahuya Mahuya Ghosh Senior Product Manager - Product Management

It’s the small details that create awesome product experience.


Mahuya Ghosh

Senior Product Manager - Product Management


Product management
User Experience
Strategic Marketing

Mahuya is a seasoned Product Manager & a User Experience advocate. She enjoys
helping organizations and enterprising individuals with idea validation, laying out the
user experience blueprint and growth hacking marketing strategies.

Mahuya is passionate about Tech Startups, Product Management, Customer
Experience Designing and Go-To-Market strategies for tech products.

Mahuya holds a MBA and bachelor degree in Computers.

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Pijush Pijush Gupta Assistant Vice President - Product Management

The journey from ’now’ to ’wow’ is what I create.


Pijush Gupta

Assistant Vice President - Product Management


Product management
Product Strategy
Experience Marketing

Pijush is a product leader with deep passion for providing strategic direction to evolve
and grow market leading portfolio of enterprise class SaaS software products or

Pijush has hands on expertise in product strategy, product planning, product
portfolio rationalization, product launches and marketing strategy.

Pijush holds a MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

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  • "Pijush's very prominent asserts are. 1. Very cool headed in high pressure and demanding situations. 2. Very open to other ideas and very open in integrating them in the solution. 3. He maneuvers through the delicate technical discussions in an amicable manner to get to the result."

    Suriyanarayanan Selvaraj LinkedIn Profile
  • I worked with Pijush for 4 years at Model N and would highly recommend him to any senior Product strategy roles. He is brilliant and innovative Product leader with great abilities in product envisioning, planning, strategizing, execution and launching etc. He is an excellent writer with equally great communication skills with abilities to manage diverse stakeholders - needless to say with loads of patience in doing so even under the highest pressure. I have thoroughly loved to work with him.

    Vasavi Chakka LinkedIn Profile
  • Mahuya not only has the experience and attitude required to succeed, she possesses the intangibles that make people excel and shine at what they do. Mahuya was instrumental to the company’s success and is a skilled and seasoned professional that is highly motivated, leads by example, and promotes effective cross-functional communication between organizations. She is an invaluable asset to any company requiring these skills.

    Mario Margolis LinkedIn Profile
  • Mahuya and I have worked for the same product family and it has been a pleasure working with her. She is a very able Product Manager and an extremely focused and detail-oriented person. Mahuya has always executed tasks at a very high standard and with lot of enthusiasm. Mahuya is well researched in the products and drives the product with a high degree of commitment. I would highly recommend Mahuya for any leadership roles in Product Management.

    Debjit Nag LinkedIn Profile
  • I really enjoyed working with Mahuya in the Life Sciences product management group@Model N. Mahuya is one of those product managers who has the right blend of Product Management and Product Marketing skills. Mahuya is a good outbound product manager who likes to go out in the field, interact with customers, understand their problems, present different solutions and incorporate the best practices into the product. She is also very good in market research and competitive analysis. Two great qualities of Mahuya which I will always remember are her communication skills and her undying spirit to ask as many questions until she finds her answers. She has recently taken up PM role at CA and I wish her all the best in this new role.

    Karthik Kalyanasundaram LinkedIn Profile
  • I had the opportunity to work very closely with Mahuya at CA. My words fall short to describe the ability she possesses. Soft spoken, very observant analyzes the customer needs by performing detailed ethnographic studies. Truly a customer-centric person and knows exactly where she can make a difference in the psyche of a customer. While designing the trial experience of the product, she developed the a/b testing method and sampled different users from different departments for collating the feedback on the experience of the site. Mahuya is extremely knowledgeable, humble and a go-getter, I wish her all the success for her future and will not be surprised if she leads a company someday! That’s the quality she has.

    Animikha Sarkar LinkedIn Profile
  • Mahuya is a dedicated product manager who has a relentless focus on the customer experience. Mahuya led efforts to improve the buyer's journey through a more engaging trial as well as worked to improve the user experience of several different roles/personas within our Service Management solution. Mahuya makes work engaging and fun and is not afraid to challenge existing assumptions when pushing for customer needs.

    Rich Graves LinkedIn Profile
  • "Mahuya is an exceptional product manager with a maniacal focus on the ultimate customer user experience. She came into our organization and took a basic product trial experience to one of the best at CA. Her efforts in bringing together several cross-functional teams and motivating them to all work towards the same goal was incredibly outstanding and led to it being chosen as the model trial experience for other CA products to emulate. Mahuya' s eye for detail and her varied experience with ensuring the optimal user experience for customers is her biggest strength and an integral part of a product management team."

    Sandeep Soman LinkedIn Profile