10 Tips to be an Inspiring Product Manager

10 tips

If someone were to ask us what makes one a great Product Manager, we would be at loss of words. And it’s not because we don’t know the answer but for the simple reason that there is no single mastery technique that a one can acquire to become a great Product Manager. Great or not, one needs to be a happy and a soulful Product Manager. Here are what we think are the top 10 tips to become that elusive Happy & Soulful Product Manager:

People also ask if there are any certifications that say “I can do all of that?” Again, the simple answer is, “None that we know of”. The most important argument that we put forth is that teaching and certification of old and failed techniques simply work to institutionalize the bad practices. So enjoy what you are doing and it will reflect in the solutions that you deliver.

Always remember, its one thing to get certified and another to be successful and happy.


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